Sosbuzz is a networking system built upon the principle and mindset of businesses giving one another leads and referrals. The more leads one gives out to others, the more leads that person gets back from others.

Here is an example:

Let's say you are an attorney. You join the network and find both an insurance broker, and a banker and give them both a lead of a customer that you have that may be interested in their services.

The system will automatically record the leads you just provided. The more leads you as an attorney provide to other businesses, the higher your rankings will go in our members only search engine. So when other members of are searching the members only search engine looking for an attorney, they will find your profile prominently ranked at the top and an indicator next to your name that displays the number of leads you have provided to other business. Since you have given out more leads, other members know to give you the lead when they have someone that is looking for an attorney. You help others, and others help you!

In addition, we set you up with your own web page, the web address of which can be something like On your web page you can provide us up to 5 images, and plenty of content about yourself and your profession to make it easier for other members to find out more information about you.

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Your personal contact information is confidential and will not be sold or rented.

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